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Short Story: An Introduction to Emotional Scarcity in an Induced Multiperson Organism

This story was published in 2016 with The Mad Scientists journal, As all rights have reverted, I figured I’d put it up for free. Please enjoy this look into the possible ramifications of cloning. A note on the title and tense / perspective. I originally wrote this story in third person. And then I saw the call for submissions… Read more →

Twitter feeds…

Started in my head by @emccoy_writer on twitter, saying that twitter feeds on typos. “Jak by numble, kack be qick, jacj jump iver teh candelstick.” Jack hummed to himself, swaying in the glow of monitors. “Jack, buddy? You okay down there?” Benny looked down into the lowered floor of the NOC from the raised walkway surrounding it, server trees blinking… Read more →