Cicada’s Promise

Three nights ago, the wind blew with fervor, And red brown dust darkened the air, I watched close my porch, a keen observer, By dawn, not a drop landed there.   Two nights ago, Zeus’s chariot rolled, As flash after spark lit the night, Thunder shook, it promised, it told, Of rain still absent by first light.   Last night,… Read more →

On Hamilton, and the meanings of “Father” and “Son”

“Son”   “Don’t call me son.” I’m listening to Hamilton: An American Musical this morning while driving to work. I often skip Meet Him Inside. I get… emotional. I’ve read that Lin-Manuel Miranda has a good relationship with his father.  He must know someone who doesn’t though, that he could channel.  He has a view of those words, father, son,… Read more →

Launching The Leaking Pen and my personal site

So, after talking about it forever, I have finally relaunched , intended to be both a writer’s community with resources and assistance, as well as an actual publisher, online, and perhaps in print. I have also launched my own personal writing page, here, in order to keep myself separate from a business/publisher standpoint. I plan to link to published… Read more →