Published Story : An Introduction to Emotional Scarcity in an Induced Multiperson Organism

This story originally published at only a partial version is available online with original publisher. Rights have reverted to author. Published here. Image rights were purchased directly from original artist for use by Alexander Hollins Recorded account by Dr. Melissa Mariposa, M.D., Ph.D., Psy.D. (deceased)Recovered and Transcribed posthumously from a standard Everitech Labs Neural Recorder by A. HollinsArt by Luke… Read more →


So, some of you may be visiting from a recent podcast, The Redacted Reports. (if you see this, and you aren’t familiar, is an actual play of a Delta Green campaign, think, X files meets Call of Cthulhu. Go check it out) I wrote a song for them to use, based on a piece of Lovecraftian Lore. I’ve been… Read more →

Flash Fiction: I think you should have this.

Inspired by twitter, again! From this tweet and some response to it.;DR, when I lose things, I like to make up stories in my head about the person who eventually finds it. And Dr. Kehr lost a Labrys Pendant. Also, I generally make it a point to NOT use my own name for character’s names. I tried to name… Read more →

Essay: Visibility

“Nice mask!” The phrase is delivered in what seems to be a genuine spirit. Which is nice, as I’ve often in the last few weeks heard the phrase delivered in scathing sarcasm and derision. I look at the person saying it today. They’re wearing a mask as well, a Vader Face mask, and they’re wearing a shirt with Darth Maul… Read more →