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Poetry – Song: Phantom Limbs . A tribute to Neil Peart and Rush, and to lost friends.

I’ve been thinking about death and loss lately. Specifically, I was thinking about Neil Peart. And how his friends and bandmates must feel. Especially Geddy. His voice has sung, for decades, words put there by Neil. How must that feel? To have a portion of your voice… gone? And I can kind of understand. I’m missing a piece of my… Read more →

Wordy wordy words

So, i was introduced this morning to the song Diggy Diggy Hole, through this metal video My mind of course goes straight to parody Wordy Wordy Words. Siblings of the book rejoice Scribe, scribe, scribe with me Raise your pen and choose your voice! Write, write, write with me Down and down into the page Who knows what phrases we’ll… Read more →

The Time Lord Warp

A little parody I wrote a bit ago.  Enjoy.  Or don’t.   Its astounding, Time is fleeting, Many bodies, one soul. We’ve got Capaldi, (Not for very much longer) Then a new Doctor will keep control.   I remember, watching the time wars, Thinking of the moments when, Regeneration would happen,   And the fans are calling, CAN THE DOCTOR… Read more →

Cicada’s Promise

Three nights ago, the wind blew with fervor, And red brown dust darkened the air, I watched close my porch, a keen observer, By dawn, not a drop landed there.   Two nights ago, Zeus’s chariot rolled, As flash after spark lit the night, Thunder shook, it promised, it told, Of rain still absent by first light.   Last night,… Read more →