Month: November 2019

Twitter feeds…

Started in my head by @emccoy_writer on twitter, saying that twitter feeds on typos. “Jak by numble, kack be qick, jacj jump iver teh candelstick.” Jack hummed to himself, swaying in the glow of monitors. “Jack, buddy? You okay down there?” Benny looked down into the lowered floor of the NOC from the raised walkway surrounding it, server trees blinking… Read more →

Telepathillogical, or Did You Hear What They Said About Our Marlene’s Telepathy? And who Grandma left the good china to?

As so often happens, a story idea gets into my head from an odd source. An online discussion of the Romance Genre, and what it means to be Romance, being talked about by Ursula Vernon ( @ursulav on Twitter) morphed into her talking about the weird way that Science Fiction and Fantasy get mixed and matched based on odd qualities.… Read more →

Wordy wordy words

So, i was introduced this morning to the song Diggy Diggy Hole, through this metal video My mind of course goes straight to parody Wordy Wordy Words. Siblings of the book rejoice Scribe, scribe, scribe with me Raise your pen and choose your voice! Write, write, write with me Down and down into the page Who knows what phrases we’ll… Read more →