Poetry, Prophecy, and Parody, Writer for Hire

So often it seems that a good piece of poetry just MAKES a work better. Whether it is a poem or song being song in character to flesh out the world, or a prophecy that needs to rhyme and speak with a rhythm to prove its urgency, or maybe just a fun joke that YOU know is a parody of a song in our world, and your READER knows, but the characters have no idea.

Unfortunately, many writers find that the prose flows like wine, but the poetry just doesn’t dance to their fingertips. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and that’s why, after having written many lines of verse for friends and acquaintances, I am now offering it as a paid service. I will write a poem, song, prophecy, or parody, suitable for books, greeting cards, short stories, Role Playing Campaigns, Video Games, or just to surprise that someone special.

Reach out to me here, or at writer@alexanderhollins.com and let me know what you’re looking for. We can chat a bit about what you need, what format, style, and other specifics. Costs are based on time spent and length, and will be definitively outlined before work is begun to make sure no surprises happen on either side.

As a general guideline, a short quatrain (four line stanza) or two on a generic subject will generally take about half an hour, all told, and cost around $25 USD. A full song with several verses and a chorus, something that could take 2-4 minutes to sing out in full, will generally take 4-5 hours over the course of a few days, and could cost between $100-$300 USD. And costs range between the two, but will always be based on the actual time needed to complete the work requested.

I understand that the exact wording is IMPORTANT! This is your baby that you are trusting me to help with. Edits and rewrites are included in the original estimate, I WILL do what I can to make it perfect. (I reserve the right to say that at a certain point, fiddling and editing have gone beyond the original estimate in extreme cases, but that will be communicated well in advance)

Payment accepted via Paypal.

Of course, you wouldn’t buy a book without reading the description and some reviews. And you wouldn’t buy a poem without knowing what the writer can do. See below for a few examples of works written for other people. Links to the works in place where they were intended are inside the google docs linked in each, which detail the request, process, and show the work written.

A children’s nursery rhyme for Vampire Children for the serial Wise Blood.

A Shanty for the TTRPG actual play podcast “The Redacted Reports

A prophetic Norse Skald for the serial Tall Tales

A parody of “Valley of Plenty” about a Rooster Pirate for a friend, for fun

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