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Flash Fiction, Writing Prompt The Eldritch Lawnmower Part 1

Joan groaned softly, massaging her temples one handed, thumb and forefinger. “Okay, okay, one more time, from the top. You tried fixing the mower yourself from some instructions in a book, and now it cuts unevenly and fills the bag too fast. Yes or no?” The target of their mounting frustration stood a few feet away, one hand on the… Read more →

The difference between an allergy and a sensitivity, or, how I learned to NOT love the pot brownie.

I have had exactly one experience with marijuana, and once was enough, sadly. A small touch of background. When I was 6, I had a cough so bad that they suspected pertussis. (whooping cough).  The test for it was going to take several days to come back with results, so the doc gave my parents a prescription for a codeine… Read more →

Workplace wonderings : Stop giving them ideas

I have a long history of randomly musing out loud about things that are … illegal and or immoral, and other people overhearing and going, hey, THAT’S an idea! As I’ve explained often before, I could be a criminal mastermind.  If it weren’t for executive dysfunction and a healthy fear of prison. Sometimes this is useful.  When working at Chase,… Read more →

Workplace Wonderings : Best password ever? Or worst?

Passwords are…  a thing. We all hate them.  Personally, I like XKCD’s thought, make it 5 distinct words. Resetting passwords can be its own… fun. I worked for a company that had a windows application with a subscription service and where your password… had no requirements beyond 5 or more characters. Even better, that password? Was kept in a text… Read more →


So, some of you may be visiting from a recent podcast, The Redacted Reports. (if you see this, and you aren’t familiar, is an actual play of a Delta Green campaign, think, X files meets Call of Cthulhu. Go check it out) I wrote a song for them to use, based on a piece of Lovecraftian Lore. I’ve been… Read more →

Flash Fiction: I think you should have this.

Inspired by twitter, again! From this tweet and some response to it.;DR, when I lose things, I like to make up stories in my head about the person who eventually finds it. And Dr. Kehr lost a Labrys Pendant. Also, I generally make it a point to NOT use my own name for character’s names. I tried to name… Read more →