Month: June 2017

On Hamilton, and the meanings of “Father” and “Son”

“Son”   “Don’t call me son.” I’m listening to Hamilton: An American Musical this morning while driving to work. I often skip Meet Him Inside. I get… emotional. I’ve read that Lin-Manuel Miranda has a good relationship with his father.  He must know someone who doesn’t though, that he could channel.  He has a view of those words, father, son,… Read more →

Launching The Leaking Pen and my personal site

So, after talking about it forever, I have finally relaunched , intended to be both a writer’s community with resources and assistance, as well as an actual publisher, online, and perhaps in print. I have also launched my own personal writing page, here, in order to keep myself separate from a business/publisher standpoint. I plan to link to published… Read more →